Onemix cascade wings pro (yellow)

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Product description:

The Onemix Cascade Wings pro is immediately seen as an attractive shoe which allows for a natural running style.
One of the first striking features is the semi-transparent side windows that allow a see-through effect. This is also used to dissipate mid foot heat, and the borders of the window add support and structure as they link up to the lacing yoke. The wings pro boast a rip-stop material on the upper together with a mesh like lining making the shoe as light as possible

The mid-sole material has the attractive combination of good cushioning with a feel of energy return.

The wings pro , which has a similar sole to the onemix lunarlites is fitted with a unique 3 way cushioning system.

The wings pro has a 10mm to 20mm stack from mid foot (ball of foot) to heel giving a drop of 10mm.  This make the Cascade wings ideal for anyone who is trying to make the move to natural running style from the higher drop shoes which enforce a ‘jogging’ heel toe style.

The outer sole grips well on the road with sufficient grip for road running

This shoe comes with our unique sweat cross inners to absorb sweat and moisture , keeping your feet dry.

Available in four unique colors

  • pearl white
  • Cascade purple
  • Cascade orange
  • Cascade yellow